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I love playing and attending house concerts. There’s nothing like sitting just a few feet away from a performer as they share a song; likewise, there’s nothing like being that close to your audience as you share your own songs and stories.
The chance to visit with the musician before and after the performance is unique and makes the experience so much more memorable than sitting in a seat in an auditorium (or sweating on a lawn at an amphitheater)!
That said, I was very nervous when my wife invited musicians into our home to host our first one. However, it was a completely enjoyable experience and the beginning of a great friendship with the musicians that we hosted. I’m so glad she nudged me into becoming a host!

The Coal Biters would love to come share a casual evening of music in your home with your friends! CLICK HERE for a few quick answers to frequently asked questions. If you have more, please ask!

1.  No, we don’t require a fee to host a concert.  We generally ask that you have a suggested donation in your invitation, and we’ll set out a jar to collect so that it’s low pressure and give-what-you-can.
2.  No, you don’t have to have a giant house or be able to collect a giant crowd to host a concert.  Do your best to invite friends (and have them invite theirs), and we’ll be happy to share with whoever shows up!  (Naturally, a bigger crowd means a better night for us financially, so do what you can– but smallish groups can be wonderful too.)
3.  No, you don’t have to spend a fortune on refreshments or drinks.  This is up to you!  A potluck appetizer spread works well for many house concerts… but this is entirely optional.
4.  We can help you figure out how best to arrange the seating when we arrive if you like.
5.  We love to travel!  However, it’s best that we arrange for more than one concert if we are traveling more than a few hours from the Ozarks.
Please do not hesitate to call and ask us to tell you more!




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Aaron Smith and the Coal Biters have been performing since 2013 when Aaron and Ryan met in Sunday school. A year later they were joined by multipurpose instrumentalist George Holcomb who they met at a wake. They released their debut album The Way the World Turns on August 14th, 2015.

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It’s hard to describe the depth and breadth of a Coal Biters performance.
With several combined decades of experience in music and performance, the three members of the Coal Biters have an enormous range of musical, lyrical, and emotional depth.  Their original songs, written by frontman Aaron Smith, draw from folk, roots, and Americana musical styles to ponder the mysteries and joys of human existence in today’s world.  It’s not often that you see three generations of musicians who have found a common groove– but the Coal Biters have found one, and they love sharing their music and ponderings with their fans.
You’ll see an impressive array of instruments come and go in the course of a Coal Biters evening.  Guitar and banjo, upright bass and mandolin, hand drums and tambourines all take center stage at different times– but washboards and foot cymbals, clarinet and more turn up occasionally as well.
This Arkansas Ozarks band embraces its roots… the band members love their hometown, the Buffalo National River that flows nearby, and all the folk and pioneer history that flows through these ancient hills.  Local characters and legends make their way into Aaron’s songs; his interpretations of familiar places and events leave listeners thinking about this amazing place where we all live– and our own place within it.

Aaron Smith

Aaron studied music at the University of Arkansas, majoring in French horn performance and began guitar and writing songs in his teens.

George Holcomb

George is lifelong student of music with the same approach, joyful and awestruck, that he had back in 1956 when he played his first dance at the Elk’s Club.

Ryan Gentry

Ryan has enjoyed playing music and singing since his days in high school band and choir. Like six months ago.


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